The week’s best parenting advice: October 5, 2021 – The Week Magazine

One other day, another baby product recall. This time, It is the Boppy lounger That is inflicting panic amongst mom and father. The product was recalled after reviews of eight toddler deaths that “Appear to contain circumstances By which an toddler was left sleeping unsupervised,” says Emily Oster, author of Anticipating Greater, at ParentData. Boppy merchandise are extremely properly-appreciated. How ought to mom and father of small toddlers react to the recall? Should they throw the lounger away? “It relies upon,” Oster says. Do You’d like to’re using the lounger as meant — That’s, You are supervising your baby whereas they use it — “It is not clear that the recall ought to make you extra anxious.” However Everytime You are using the lounger as a “primary” sleep environment, or leaving your baby Inside the lounger unsupervised, You should in all probability cease. Nonetheless, “the risks Associated to this stay terribly small,” Oster says.