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Japanese automakers, particularly Honda, have been vouching for hydrogen-pohave beend automobiles over battery-electrical automotives. Sadly, the hydrogen infrastructure hasn’t been constructed up enough, and we nonetheless don’t have enough charging stations for electrical automotives. However let’s journey again in time to the one yr the place a hydrogen gasoline cell automotive was the extra gasoline-environment nice manufacturing car in America. It’s referred to as the Honda FCX Readability, Which might finally Discover your self to be the Honda Readability.

1999 Honda FCX Readability V1 | Honda

The Honda FCX Readability idea was first debuted in 1999

Whereas it’s not The primary hydrogen gasoline cell car ever made, the Honda FCX, or Fuel Cell eXperiment, was first revealed in 1999 On the Tokyo Motor Current. And On the time, it was A strong show of The agency’s superior know-how. The hydrogen-pohave beend automotive managed 80 horsepower and 118 miles of differ. To place it in perspective, the infamous EV1 of The identical period reached 137 horsepower, but might solely journey 80 miles earlier than it needed a cost.

However in distinction to the EV1, the Honda FCX Readability didn’t go on sale immediately. Truly, the automotive went by way of three completely different genperiodtions earlier than the manufacturing mannequin turned out there in 2008. Granted, the automotive turned The primary hydrogen automotive to be licensed by the EPA, and somebody would someoccasions buy the idea on a lease. However it didn’t roll off a manufacturing line but, these have been one-off automotives.

However, after virtually 10 yrs of testing, the Honda FCX Readability rolled off the meeting line. It was Positioned on sale in Japan for the 2009 mannequin yr, After which purchased to America in 2010, the place it made historic previous.

Why was the Honda FCX Readability so important in 2010?

2008 Honda FCX Readability | Honda

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Whereas it’s A very prolonged doc, the EPA’s 2020 Automotive Tendencies Report has some very fascinating statistics riddled all by way of. However none caught out to me pretty as a lot as Desk 2.2 on Website 11. It lists the automobiles with The genperiodl highest gasoline financial system of that yr, from 1975 All of the biggest method As a lot as 2020.

Look Inside the second column, And also you’ll find In all probability the most gasoline-environment nice automotives of the yr. From 1975 to 1999, they have been gasoline or diesel automobiles. Then hybrids took the stage Inside the 2000s. However For Simply one yr, a hydrogen gasoline cell car was In all probability the most economical automotive in America. That is, earlier than electrical automotives acquired here aprolongedside.

For hydrogen and electrical automotives, that quantity is the miles per gallon equal, or MPGe, of how environment nice the automotive actually is. And for the Honda FCX Readability, you’re Taking A look at 60 MPGe, and after three redesigns, the automotive was vastly improved from The distinctive 1999 idea.

The 2008 Honda FCX Readability boasted 134 horsepower And will Rise As a lot as 99 miles per hour. On prime of that, it might journey 240 miles on a tank of hydrogen. And the Honda FCX Readability lived A pretty prolonged life, being discontinued in 2014, solely To get changed by a hydrogen gasoline cell automotive of The identical identify. However when the FCX was produced for six yrs, why haven’t we heard of it?

The Honda FCX was an experiment, even Inside the manufacturing stage

2008 Honda FCX Readability Driving | Honda

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Whereas the FCX was a manufacturing hydrogen automotive, it wasn’t mass-produced. Honda boasted that, in its first yr, A pair of dozen automotives have been purchased in each the US and Japan. And after three yrs, Honda solely deliberate to have 200 Of these automotives constructed. This predecessor to the Honda Readability on sale now has, primarily, been swept beneath the rug. And that i wasn’t In a place to discovering A exact quantity for What quantity of Of these automotives have been purchased Inside their six-yr existence.

What I can say, however, is that this ignored, or utterly foracquiredten hydrogen automotive made historic previous. It’s The one gasoline cell car to be the EPA’s most economical automotive of the yr. However today, the Honda Readability, or hydrogen automotives Usually, aren’t as properly-appreciated as EVs. However they nonetheless have A spot and a objective, serving as A method To wash up our emissions. All with the attraction of brief fill-up occasions, and affordable differ.

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